free therapy ☆ [01] parallel play

free therapy ☆ [01] parallel play

"do you want to come over and work with me?"

"of course, i'll bring this book i've been reading."

the joy of working alone, together
a new life emerging within the space between us two
i stretch my brain while you stretch yours
many hands make light work
many minds make ideas spurt

"how does my painting look so far?"

"really good, do you want to hear about this chapter i just finished?"

"sure, enlighten me."

see, when you complete things in twos or more, you get the job done faster. you help each other by working alone, together. this serves as a good way to encourage focus and pass the time. it's the ultimate stimulation of the mind. here you are, mutually pushing each other forward without being very conscious of it. suddenly, you're steps closer to the end of your painting, and your lovely working partner finally finished their latest and greatest read.

"your presence makes it so easy for me to focus."

"i'm glad you think so. this is healing something in me."

working alone, together with you
you fill the gaps in my attention stream
i look over at you, immersed in your world
you bring me back into mine
one breath,
like ambient brown noise,
one breath at a time

come over and play with me
and we will work

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