Chidinma Azinge (a.k.a. Groovychi, Mars) describes themselves as "being born with brush in one hand and a pen in the other." Art has been the center-point of their life for as long as they could remember, serving as an alternate way out when they feel constrained by the walls of life and the doors don't seem to unlock. The key is found within creation. Imagine being stuck in a room, and the only way out is through a figurative hole that opens up in the ceiling; the only way to make it appear is if you believe it will. This drug-less form of escapism produced a high that Azinge was able to depend on for the rest of their adolescent years. These years of self exploration led them to actualize their dream universe through paintings, illustrations, sculptures, and wearable art from their brand "The Groovy Crew."

The brand's proverb, "Born to create and destroy" and the indispensable word "Groovy" traveled alongside Azinge in all different phases of growth and expansion as an artist. Their artwork is a graceful and whimsical exploration into the depths of surrealism. Their use of texture, color, and form culminates into an earthly, warm experience-- inviting viewers to visualize the story behind a body of work, or to draw their own conclusions from what they see. Blending the organic and surrealist realms, their artwork speaks gently to the heart and mind. Through their work, they aim to ignite a sense of love in the everyday moments. Similar to the sociological practice of ethnography, they learned to take life's seemingly insignificant aspects and give them their own storylines in order to learn more about themselves and the world around them.

Their most recent solo show “Fruits of My Labor" dissects the artist's life in relation to fruit. Refreshing and revitalizing, inspiration seeps from their juices. In a poem, they write "only fruits inspire her system to water her internal mind garden" revealing that self-care can be deliciously regenerative. This exhibition takes the hardships and prosperities of the artist’s life experiences and translates them into beautiful, strong visual imagery littered with symbolism, written words, and personal mementos. The featured art piece "I'm a simple being, full of love and fruits" is like the perfect blend of everything that has been uncovered. Before we eat fruits, we give them time to become ripe, or we leave them to rot if we don't get to them in time. But even the most rotten fruit can give the soil new hues and nutrients.

Their body of work encourages people to ask themselves: Are there things dictating your life that you're not even aware of? What patterns are you noticing? With art, Azinge believes each individual has the power to create beauty and a sense of belonging in the world.


groovy [ɡroo-vee] | adjective

     1. slang. highly stimulating or attractive; excellent.

"born to create and destroy." THE GROOVY CREW. is a brand originated in los angeles, california that celebrates uniqueness, diversity, and individuality. in order to be truly groovy, you must harbor the ability to create and destroy. 

destroy old clothes, create new pieces.
destroy old fragments, create new universes. 
we were born to create and destroy.