groovy [ɡroo-vee] | adjective

     1. slang. highly stimulating or attractive; excellent.

"born to create and destroy." THE GROOVY CREW. is a brand originated in los angeles, california that celebrates uniqueness, diversity, and individuality. in order to be truly groovy, you must harbor the ability to create and destroy. 

destroy old clothes, create new pieces.
destroy old projects, create greater ones. 
we were born to create and destroy.

art by @groovychi

my name is chidinma azinge, also known as chi, or @groovychi on instagram. 

everything you are about to hear is 100% me. 

to be honest, i wasn't even trying to start a brand. i just wanted to put my art on some shirts, and gain the satisfaction of knowing that there are people out there who want to wear my art. but branding myself has been the best accidental decision i have ever made. i still get that same satisfaction, and it doesn't feel like i'm missing anything in my life anymore. this brand really completes me. i process every single order with joy, i am truly thankful for every single order i have received and will receive in the future.

as for me, i'm just a normal teenager who can express her feelings best through art. i feel a lot of things. sometimes feelings i can't describe, other times, multiple feelings at the same time. i put them into art to let them know that they can't define me. i define them

if you would like to see the video explanation of how i started this brand, click here or watch below.