free therapy ☆ [04] hiking

free therapy ☆ [04] hiking

when i reach new heights
i feel closer to three things:

1. myself
2. the creatures in the trees
and God

we were created to discover,
to marvel at all the existing life that predates us

in the waters, i see myself
a sentient being,
swayed into hot and cold, under the mercy of the sun
somewhere in between movement and stagnancy, under the mercy of the wind
at all times

i wish to be as high as the tallest tree
to protect everything under me
to extend a limb or two,
watch them fall once they’ve served their purpose
and still find more meaning down below

to me, the fallen tree branch becomes a walking stick
to guide me down the river
following the stream until i’m conscious of what i need to see

come, walk with me
i’ll show you just how beautiful the world can be

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